We all get stuck sometimes. Now, if anything goes wrong with my truck, it’s off to the mechanic, even though, when the world was simpler, I could fix most engine problems myself (remember 2-barrel carburetors?).

Management is a bit like that, sometimes you need a skill, knowledge, or expertise that would simply take too long to develop yourself. And, your need is temporary – otherwise you’d hire someone or developing the skills or knowledge in-house.

If this describes your situation, perhaps a management consultant is the most cost-effective way to resolve it. As a management consultant, I bring a unique combination of over three decades of diverse management and organizational experience, together with cutting edge academic knowledge to addressing your specific issue(s).

There is no charge for discussing, in strict confidence, any management issue you are facing and explore possible assistance I could offer. [This is as close to ‘selling’ as I’ll ever get.] If I am not the right person, I may be able to suggest a suitable person or resource that could assist you. For clarity, at this stage in my career / life, locating work is never a concern, my personal priority centres on making a real difference for people and organizations in northern BC.