A poorly run meeting makes me want to pull my hair out... And within 5 to 10 minutes, I’m no longer engaged or contributing to the meeting - perhaps checking emails or texting under the table instead.

Effective facilitation can help ensure your organization’s meetings and retreats are successful with clear, tangible outcomes - simply put, facilitation helps a group to accomplish their goals. A side benefit, facilitators will manage and respect people’s time - no one needs another meeting that goes on and on....

Why Facilitation?

Effectively facilitated groups produce higher quality decisions and build a broader base of support for timely implementation. Facilitation is particularly helpful when the membership of the group is diverse in knowledge, background, and interests; where there are existing or potential conflicts among the parties; and when the topics are complex and hence difficult to handle by ’just talking’.

Why a Facilitator?

An experienced facilitator can help a group or team remain focused on its tasks, explore situations more fully, minimize interpersonal conflict and work through it when necessary, and building openness and support within the group. The facilitator’s presence allows managers and leaders to fully participate in the work, leaving the process to an independent facilitator.

With a long history (20+ years) of facilitating meetings of all sizes, from teams to conferences, I would be happy to discuss how facilitation services could assist in achieving your specific goals.