For years, I’ve watched my children and students learn. Surprisingly, they seem to learn best when playing and discovering for themselves! (How odd, I thought it was by sitting in a hard chair listening to me lecture for 3 hours!!) Then I realized, I learn best when I’m actively participating in the learning process - watching, listening and figuring how something works or fits together myself, and especially if I’m having fun...

I have developed and delivered workshops across northern BC, and earlier in my career across Canada. Workshops are delivered in highly interactive 3 hour blocks, with the choice of offering one or two per day.

Workshops I have developed and offered include: - Leadership and Management - Effective Decision Making - Strategic Planning .- Dealing with Difficult People - Team Building / Managing Teams .- Managing Change - The Future - key economic, demographic and global trends - Coaching .- Communications - Motivating Employees

There is no charge for discussing, in strict confidence, your current and future organizational training requirements. Customized workshops, meeting your specific needs, can be easily assembled or developed.